Healing through Self Compassion

‘Empathy’s the antidote to shame. The two most powerful words when we are in a struggle: me too.” Brene Brown
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Does mindfulness meditation improve brain function?

Over recent years scientists and health practitioners have been interested in the health benefits of mindfulness meditation,
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Distorted Thinking

Dysfunctional or distorted thinking is fundamental to our brain’s activity and distorted thinking makes up the nuts and bolts of cognitive therapies
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Keeping a lid on your drinking

New Zealanders commonly drink too much.
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Adolescent Alcohol and Parenting

Most parents experience concern and anxiety when their children and their peers start to drink alcohol.
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Lessons from celebrity drug use

Over the past few months the media has featured a number of stories of high profile people with alcohol and other drug problems, from our own Zac Guilford to the early deaths of singers Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse.
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The Christchurch Earthquakes and Ongoing Stress

The clinical psychologists at www.christchurchpsychology.co.nz have been writing regular columns for The Press for some years, each writing about his or her own area of speciality. Today, the six clinicians have come together to write about some of the psychological effects of the ongoing earthquakes in Christchurch on various aspects of everyone’s lives.

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How children feel when parents fight

Children (of all ages) who experience frequent, intense and poorly resolved conflict and harshness between their parents suffer terribly. These children are also at risk for a number of negative psychological outcomes including depression, anxiety, aggression, hostility, and poor social skills.
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Alcohol and Drug Use in Movies

How do we get information about things in life? Through direct experience, through education, and through observation. Whilst most of our observation is of things going on around us in everyday life, a lot of our observation is through the media – that is rather than observing “real life” we observe the lives of others in fiction and it’s estranged sibling “reality TV”.
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Free Earthquake Counselling


Earthquake Recovery Information Sheet

The essential list for everything recovery.

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