About Christchurch Psychology

In order to provide a Clinical Psychology resource for people in Canterbury particularly, we decided to develop a website that would provide something of a “one-stop-shop”. So we chose the areas of specialty that we thought were most common, and then invited a limited number of very experienced clinicians to cover those areas. We included people of both genders and differing ages so that we could meet the needs of most people. All of us work with Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) among our treatment approaches.

All of the Clinical Psychologists on this website are members of the New Zealand College of Clinical Psychologists, which means that we have met the highest standards for Clinical Psychologists in New Zealand. On each clinician’s page, you can find information about their academic qualifications, professional qualifications and experience, areas of specialty, approach to the work, availability, and contact details.

However, this is not a register of all Clinical Psychologists practicing in Christchurch. You can find more general registers on the NZCCP website or the New Zealand Psychologists Board website.