Psychological defences

Defence, according to the Concise Oxford Dictionary, is defined as defending from, or resistance against, attack.
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The Christchurch Earthquakes and Ongoing Stress

The clinical psychologists at have been writing regular columns for The Press for some years, each writing about his or her own area of speciality. Today, the six clinicians have come together to write about some of the psychological effects of the ongoing earthquakes in Christchurch on various aspects of everyone’s lives.

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Ritual, Recovery and Guy Fawkes

A community’s resilience may be defined as its capacity to withstand major trauma and loss, overcome adversity, and to prevail, usually with increased resources, competence and connectedness. After trauma the community and its members face challenges arising from major disruptions to life, stress, loss and grief, and ruptures in connectedness. This comes as no surprise to us Cantabrians.

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Earthquake Aftermath

It’s the end of October 2010, and there have been over 2000 earthquakes since 4 September.
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Earthquake: Trauma and Stress

Everyone in Christchurch has experienced extremely traumatic events over the past few days.
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