Is my sex life good enough?

Most of us are concerned about how we are perceived by others. It is part of being human to want to be accepted by others and to fit in with the group. We are social animals after all. Our perception of ourselves as sexual partners is part of this broader sense of self
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Sex therapy

Here are some recommended books on the topic of sexual relationships

The New Male Sexuality by Bernie Zilbergeld

Resurrecting Sex by David Schnarch & James Maddock

The Sex-Starved Marriage by Michele Weiner-Davis

Rekindling Desire by Barry McCarthy & Emily McCarthy

Getting It Right The First Time – Creating a Healthy Marriage by Barry McCarthy & Emily McCarthy

Becoming Orgasmic by Heiman & LoPiccolo

Sexual Awareness by Barry McCarthy & Emily McCarthy

The New Love and Sex After Sixty by Butler & Lewis

Sex-Life Solutions by Janet Hall

The New Joy of Sex by Alex Comfort and Susan Quillan

When Your Sex Drives Don’t Match by Dr Sandra Pertot

Coping with Erectile Dysfunction by Michael Metz & B McCarthy

Women’s Sexual Health by Gilly Andrews