The Christchurch Earthquakes and Ongoing Stress

The clinical psychologists at have been writing regular columns for The Press for some years, each writing about his or her own area of speciality. Today, the six clinicians have come together to write about some of the psychological effects of the ongoing earthquakes in Christchurch on various aspects of everyone’s lives.

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Earthquake Media Links

Dr Fran Vertue on SmartNet (Part 1)

Dr Fran Vertue on SmartNet (Part 2)

Dr Fran Vertue on Cover it Live

Dr Fran Vertue on Canterbury Television (CTV)
24 June 2011
(move timer to 14.30)

Graeme Clarke on TVNZ
03 April 2013
Stress levels soaring in Canterbury


Earthquakes and Relationships

Christchurch and Canterbury have taken a beating over this past year, and the sentiment, “I’m just over it”, is frequently expressed by many. Because this natural disaster was not a one-off event, but multiple – and extended over a prolonged period of time – this can be very wearying to our neurochemical and psychological systems.
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Free Earthquake Counselling


Earthquake Recovery Information Sheet

The essential list for everything recovery.

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CBT for Earthquake Anxiety

The earthquake of September 4th 2010 and again on February 22nd 2011 have had a significant effect on most people living in Canterbury.
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Getting back into the Building

Small Steps Forward To Get Back Into Everyday Life After The Earthquake
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Taking Care of Yourself

Here are some useful tips for taking care of yourself during this time of widespread community stress:
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Earthquake Aftermath

It’s the end of October 2010, and there have been over 2000 earthquakes since 4 September.
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Earthquake: Trauma and Stress

Everyone in Christchurch has experienced extremely traumatic events over the past few days.
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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

In recent times, there appears to have been an increasing number of natural disasters occurring, such as the earthquakes in Haiti, Chile, China, and the tsunami experienced in Samoa last year.
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