Children who are Different

9-year old James says homework’s too hard. However, his teachers say that he’s very intelligent, so how can it be too hard? James picks through his food and takes longer than others. He seems “hyped up”, unable to settle down, and it’s late before he finishes his evening routines and goes to sleep. His parents worry that “he’s not achieving his potential”, “he doesn’t have many friends, or can’t maintain his friendships”, “he just doesn’t listen”, and there are arguments and temper outbursts.
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Anxiety: Afraid or Angry?

When human beings think they’re in danger, they react with either ‘fight’ or ‘flight’. These reactions are hard-wired in us, but we all respond differently. A child’s behavior when he is anxious or worried may be in the ‘fight’ mode, with disruptive, oppositional, explosive, angry, or a melt-down – trying to overcome the source of the fear by force.
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Understanding ADHD

Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder – excerpt from

Children with attention deficit /hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are constantly distractible, impulsive and unusually active. They may also have other serious behavioural, emotional and learning problems which can get them into an awful lot of trouble if ADHD is not recognised and treated.
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Parenting: 16 lessons about Behaviour Management

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Child behaviour problems are unlikely to have only one cause. Many things can affect children’s behaviour. At least four areas are important to think about:
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